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Top 25 Korean actors I like
25 0

I have a few more I like, but I'll mention just 25. Random order

Underrated/ignored on MDL...
15 0

Dramas that aren't popular or (in my opinion) underrated. 

Actors/Actresses I'm not in need to see...
22 0

... not because I don't recognize their acting skills (if they have some), but because something about them bothers me. I'll watch their…

Rewatched dramas
30 0

Order: More times to less

No go Dramas
10 0

Dramas that were ruined for me by all the spoilers or screenshot that were over-talked and over-hyped I'm not interested in the plot I don't…

Historical dramas
29 0

Without them dramaland wouldn't be the same for me. I mentioned the fantasy and fusion sageuks as well, even though...

Rewatched movies
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Order: More times to less

Guilty pleasures (dramas)
7 0

I don't see them as very good dramas, but still I liked to watch them :)