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Dramas and me are in an on-again, off-again relationship, but now that I'm filling the blank space that was my bio, we're on pretty good terms. 

My first Asian drama was Flower Boy Ramen Shop which popped up in my YouTube sidebar shortly after I discovered K-pop and Korean variety shows. The combination of furious noona nostrils, douchebag barely legal male lead, sexy tall second male lead and RAMEN kept me watching until the end and I still defend this show with all my heart everytime my friends are doubting me for loving it. It makes me want to go wild and smear kimchi all over my face.

After having watched a couple more Korean dramas, the Reply series are definitely amongst my favorites. They're funny, touching and nostalgic which is basically all I could ever want in a drama. Reply 1997 is the first part of the series I watched and it's probably still my favorite one, even if 1988 is a close runner-up. I really enjoyed Eunji playing that crazy H.O.T. fangirl and Eun Jiwon being in the cast made all those first generation idol jokes even better. Since I watched Reply 1997, Seo In Guk is probably my biggest actor crush. Just look at this cutie!

I'm currently on a mission to expand my horizon to more non-Korean dramas, beginning with Princess Weiyoung which I really enjoy so far! It's a little bit unrealistic in some parts, but let me tell you: the scheming is intense and so are those costumes. Besides it's absolutely adorable that the leads are married in real life! I can see myself watching more historical C-dramas in the future, especially because strong and/or manipulative, three-dimensional female characters seem to be a thing in this genre. 


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