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The Rise of a Tomboy
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Mar 17, 2017
Overall 7.5
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 2.0
Even though the plot is pretty predictable it was defiantly an interesting story to follow. Acting wise I think the cast did very well and showed their characters very well. Personal I didn't care to much for how much the female character ran over people to get what she wanted but it did show her personality well. I also didn't like that the male lead had pretty much almost little to almost nothing of a personality. It wasn't define and all I got from it was that he was a guy who pretty much got walked on his whole life. He gets hit like....a lot. Another thing I didn't like was how much she abused him physically. Even though through all of that, with how extreme her personality was from his I could see why they work out very well as a couple, because otherwise...... .__. Music wasn't to special. It wasn't bad but nothing to really write about. Though I will say I did like the song he sang. I honestly could not re-watch this movie. This couple was new to me and even though I enjoyed it somewhat the first time. I would have to yank my hair out to struggle to watch it a second time. Overall it was something new that was very much predictable with characters that was almost unbelievable in their personality's. I would say its a good 7.5/10
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