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Priority movie list! ♥
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Just a list of must-watch movies that I should prioritise watching :D

J-drama priority list!
186 0

J-dramas that have been recommended to me ♥︎

Actors on my radar~
25 0

A list of actors (and actresses) who are either rookies, up and coming, or just plain awesome. I'll use this list so I can keep an eye on…

The Ultimate Actor Watchlist
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Basically all of the actors I stalk/watch shows from/love/support/admire ♥︎

My Backlog Priority
41 0

Dramas and movies from my backlog that I'm focusing on first.

Dramas completed in 2018
42 0

Jdramas and kdramas I finished in 2018

J-Dramas Fall 2018
7 0

Confirmed subs.

Upcoming 2018 Dramas Priority List
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Dramas I'm excited to watch in 2018!! ♥︎

Movie releases that I'm excited to watch ♥♥♥
17 0

When these movies get subbed finally, these will be the first ones I watch - I wanted to put together a list of the movies that I'm currently…

J-dramas Summer 2018
11 0

Dramas that either have subs or are confirmed to be subbed.

Favorite Japanese Actors
36 0

Japanese actors I absolutely adore~ ♥︎

The definitive drama priority list
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Basically, the list of all lists for the dramas I should get my ass watching asap~ ♥︎ I make too many of these but this one will override…

Highly rated dramas ♥︎
26 0

The best of the best?

Lighthearted fluffiness for those bad days~
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Dramas and movies that will make me smile on a bad day/week!