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Hello ! I'm Huruhi, girl, 19 yo. (TT_TT getting old bouh) aaaa I'm French ~w~ (I might made mistakes on my posts, coms, sorry TT_TT) 

Don't be shy, you can add me friends and leave little nice messages ♥ If you want me to help you with something (choice for a drama, advice ect) don't hesitate ~ I'm specialised on Kdrama but I watch others dramas too kkk

My Instagram♥

ABOUT : (≈ : I don't have problem with it but it's not my priority. √ : My Fav.)

Genre : Action √ Romance √ Comedy √ Suspens ≈ Thriller ≈ Tragedie ≈ Melodrama ≈ Medical ≈ Fantasy ≈ Crime ≈

Fav actors ~ 


5th: ClickIf you don't know who is him♥

 4th : Click If you don't know who is him♥

3rd : Click

2nd : Click

And the 1st ! Click♥♥ 

Fav female actresses

Jun Ji hyun ♥ Hwang Jung Eum♥ Jang Nara ♥ Shin Min Ah ♥ Park Bo Young ♥ Choi Ji Woo♥


Fav Drama 

You can click on the image to know more about the drama


According to my mood, or season, I can be deeply IN one of my fav, these days, I'm In JCW♥




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