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My Drama Taste

A period drama lover (I loooove palace drama and love stories).  My ratings are usually based on how emotionally invested I was in the particular story line or relationship. Interesting dialogues and military strategies also appeal to me.

Not quite a fan of anything too mystical/fantasy or out of this world such as magical realms, time travel, etc. I guess this is mainly due to the fact that those dramas lack the (expensive) graphics which would have made the drama compelling and captivating.

I do enjoy a good drama with realistic decisions made and possibilities. 


Started out watching Hong Kong TVB dramas on local TV  when I was really young, moved on the K-dramas after the Hallyu wave hit Southeast Asia in the early 2000s.  Autumn In My Heart and Winter Sonata were a few of my very first K-dramas which I fell in love with. 

After having my fair share of tragic love stories, I started watching Chinese historical/period dramas where I got attracted to the beautiful palace costumes, props, and architecture. Else was history. Now I almost only watch period dramas with an occasional K-drama in between. 

If you ever need recommendation on Chinese historical/period dramas, I would be glad to recommend some. :)


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