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So, I'll be laying out what influenced my drama-movie preferences to what it is right now.

You can skip everything if you're lazy. LOL

Actually, I have a very short summary (in green font) at the very end ^^


Around 2004/2005, I started out with Japanese anime. I was actually influenced by a very close half-japanese friend of mine. She's now living for in Japan right now. (If ever you see this, "Hi Rika! Miss you!")
I experienced ALL genres for anime and manga, no exceptions. (You can't blame me. I just wanted to experience and learn Japanese culture from every perspective lol)
As for the genres for my Japanese movies and dramas, its mostly gender-bender, romance, school, comedy and youth. I usually watch live-action dramas and those movies that are light on the drama and romance.
Then, my attention shifted to Japanese Pop Songs. And then, I discovered Utada Hikaru and BoA.

From Japanese, my attention shifted to Korean culture and entertainment. 
The shift would be credited to BoA's talent in the entertainment industry, both in Japan, Korea and the States.
From BoA, I fell in love with Korean entertainment. 
My love for Japanese anime, manga, drama and movies was on hiatus at around 2007/2008 till 2009. 
I totally love, follow, and respect the following korean pop groups (in no particular order):

  • Retired/inactive groups: H.O.T (disbanded on 2001) and Fin.K.L (inactive)
  • BigBang (I followed them since their debut)
  • 2ne1 (I also followed them since their debut)
  • All other artistes of YG Entertainment (YES, I am a YG stan <3 )
  • From SM Entertainment: F(X) and SHINee
  • From Leon Entertainment: IU (I also followed her since her debut)
  • From JYP Entertainment: Rain, 2AM and Miss A

Jap-Kor (The blending of my Japanese and Korean preferences)
I experienced the phase when I really missed Japan's eccentric and overly-kawaii culture and entertainment. 
At around 2010 to 2011, I was watching japanese and korean music videos, dramas and movies left and right. 
I did not discriminate between both cultures.

The Hotpot of cultures and entertainment ft. Taiwanese, Thai and (Mainland) Chinese
Around 2012, my taste for movies and dramas became extremely flexible. 
As for music, my preferences remained on korean entertainment. 
Unlike my "Japan-phase", I was not regularly updated with Japanese entertainment. I only recently remember Perfume and AKB48, especially Mayu, because they sometimes reach korean headlines and I also see them when I open Tokyohive's homepage. 
Anyway, I would like to say that for 2012, it was not the first year I tried Taiwanese, Thai and Chinese movies and dramas. It was the year when I was not overly biased over Korea and Japan.

Now till Tomorrow
Everything I've experienced and learned from what I've watched, heard and read, it would all sum up with what I prefer right now. Since I am really flexible with my cultural preferences, what I want to watch/read will definitely depend on my mood. If I feel japanese-y, I'll watch something Japanese. Sometimes, I even watch Japanese documentaries and news on my cable. I always feel korean-y. I could always go for some Thai if I want to. (I recommend A Little Thing Called Love, The Billionaire & Yes or No 1, if you havent tried them yet.) If I feel Chinese, there's some mainland culture I could always try. (I recommend Love You You and the classic Jackie Chan movies.) I fell in love with Taiwan because of Meteor Garden and Ivy Chen.

My drama and movie preferences are totally flexible.

I can go from Japanese to Korean to Chinese to Thai to Taiwanese in just a week.

When I watch dramas, I dont stop until I finish it. (...unless its an ongoing drama that I can't seem to watch whenever a new episode is out. No self-control please)

I could finish a drama with an average of 10 episodes of ave. 1.5 hrs./ep. with no sleep. (Look at it this way: I watched three seasons of Game of Thrones in one night.)

I rarely drop a drama. When I do, it just means that I think it sucks.

I love happy endings, drama OSTs and pretty boys.

The genres I avoid: Horror and Psychological


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