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England, UK


England, UK

Hello to you and thank you for dropping by!

[not updated this since 2015)

fyi: anything I rate as 10/10 are ones that have been so amazing they have made me cry and I had been so obsessed with! I have most likely watched them more than once and they hit my feelings hard!

But anything rated 9/9.5 are amazing too just not the gems!!

So I'm your typical drama girl! 

Who loves a good drama and after the completion of each of them (unless it's a really bad one) will fangirl thoroughly, including searching the internet for the BTS/NG/Making Film/Press Conference/Interview for the drama, scroll to the end of the tag on Tumblr reblogging and reliving all the moments, find all the articles I can on allkpop etc, go all emotional again after downloading the OST and listening to it over and over again (if it's really good I'll most likely dedicate my ringtone to it :D) AND THEN! after all that, do I go and do the same for the actors/actresses for that drama and then watch their dramas too!

It's like a must for all that, because usually my post-drama stage is very much:


I've been watching dramas (although unintentionally) ever since I was young so I'm still trying to rack up my brains and find all the gifs that have made me feel:


Feel free to add me and we can natter away about dramas we've seen or introduce me to new ones or vice versa! :Dtumblr_mu8s7r0cAj1rp9n2po1_500.gif


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