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Prophecy japanese movie review
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by goseking
Dec 21, 2015
Overall 9.5
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
This review may contain spoilers
had the privilege of watching this on a plane when i was coming back home from a trip. truthfully, i wasn't expecting much just bc the plane's program didn't offer a very good summary, but i decided to watch it bc i saw kentaro in the trailer and i'm so glad i did because this truly is a movie that will stick with me forever. after i came back home, i realized that this movie is actually based on a manga, so i'm unsure if it closely follows it or not. the story and the writing is indeed incredible, though, and it makes me understand why no summary can really sell this movie's full potential. if the crime/thriller aspect does not already intrigue you, then i think you should know that it is also about life and the hardships you'll face. i can't say much without posting spoilers, but the message this movie sends is a message that i think can really change people and is a message that i hope people can relate to and/or understand. along with the great story and writing, the acting was also fantastic. i didn't see any major flaws in any of the acting and i'm very pleased with the cast because i think if there was any sort of change, the movie would not be as successful as it is. i honestly dont remember any of the music, but i'm sure it was great. i definitely would rewatch this and i actually would very much like to own this on DVD. it has easily become one of my favorite movies. the only reason i do not give this movie a complete 10 is because there is a scene or two that can be kind of hard to stomach, but ig it was more of a "i'm on a plane so i really wouldn't want to see some onlookers seeing this" so i skipped them lol
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