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down under


down under

from sydney and is currently learning more nihongo through dramas than school 8)

hi i'm karen and i like to watch jdramas when i should be studying

generally intersted in romcoms and mystery/thriller, pls rec omg (and friend me bc i have no friends hahahah ha ha man this sucks) i watch whatever has a good cast

> good can refer to both good acting and good looks so ::::::::)

as you can see from my very intense profile (and intense username lets talk about that) i'm fresh off the boat and still quite young !!!!! so i've got plenty of binge drama years to fulfil :^^) 

favourites include the one and only matsujun + renn kiriyama bc he's such a qt omf

i also really like kento yamazaki but ngl he is a crappy actor hAHHAHAH nomura shuhei is so much better

i'm also available @myanimelist and @tumblr


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