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I'm English teacher for students with Learning Difficulties

I love Korea so much & I'm intrested in it's culture, people, life style, nature,  drama & k-pop

I am 29 years old and from Kuwait

My Korean name is Kim Hee Min

I went to Korea on February 2013

I spent the best days in my life .. and I'm planning to go there again and again

Because I love So Ji Sub oppa so much

His posters were the first things I saw at a cafe next to the hotel

Omoooo .. He is totally my type

You are my man So oppa ^_^

I even wrote his name on a lock and hanged it here ^_^ crazy , right ?

Also I saw some modules for jyj at Myeong Dong

I took a picture because I like Junsu's voice

and I like Park Yoochun's acting

Specially in :

1- Missing you

2- Sungkyukwan scandal

Kim Hyun Joong ...

He was my first love

I loved him since he was in ss501

and kept loving him and listening to his song till now

although So Ji Sub took his place but I still love him

His latest album is really Deabaaaaak

He has really changed to a very manly style

I really like his new style

I liked his dramas :

1- playful kiss

2- boys before flowers

with my lovers ^_^

because I love historical dramas

I wanted to look like a queen for a second ^_^

so I went to Cinderella studio and took some photos

and I met these two cute Japanese girls

and went to some historical places where I felt like I'm really in a drama scene

Kim Soo Hyun ..

one of my favourite actors

I liked these dramas for him

1- dream high

2- The moon that embraces the sun

in [ will it snow for christmas ] I just liked his role

when his role finished I couldn't complete the drama

Song Joong Ki

he is a great actor

although he looks so cute but he can be manly too

I love most of his dramas :

1- Innocent man

2- Sungkyukwan scandal

3- A warewolf boy

4- A frozen flower

A photo with the stars

The teddy bear museum reminds me of Goong drama

I also like kpop

B.A.P & Infinite & Exo are my favourite kpop bands

I went to bap's concert in Seoul

it was really amazing experience and I really enjoyed it ...

At the end .. I just want to say to all koreans .. korea lovers .. Korea .. Korean idols

I Love You



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