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▸ Hello there! I hope you're having a lovely day or night. Thanks for dropping by to check out my profile. 

▹ I'm an American-born Chinese girl who enjoys playing games and watching Asian dramas and films in her free time. My first Korean drama was Healer. I discovered the drama through K.Will's music video, "I Need You," that starred Ji Chang Wook. I was curious when I noticed the comments mentioning his role in Healer, so I decided to give the drama try. That sparked my love for Korean dramas and films. 

▸Initially, for whatever reason, I was hesitant to venture out and watch dramas and films from other countries, such as Japan and China. However, after a while of clinging onto solely Korean productions, I decided to give others a try. 

m y  f i r s t . . .
Japanese film was Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends. I didn't enjoy the film, and the entire time I watched it, I wondered what the heck was going on and why I was still watching it. Then, I discovered the drama Minami-kun no Koibito: My Little Lover. I adored the drama and that encouraged me to watch more Japanese dramas and films.Chinese film was Bye, Old Times. It didn't leave any impression on me, and I don't remember anything about it. After a long while, I tried another Chinese film called Yesterday Once More. I loved it so much and marked it as one of my favorite movies.
Taiwanese film was Our Times. It was so cute and adorable and I enjoyed the entire ride.
Thailand drama was Ugly Duckling Series: Perfect Match. It was cute but nothing memorable.

« I'd advise you to ignore my ratings. I don't really understand the way I rate dramas and films. »

My favorite Korean bands and groups are:


(This really needs to be updated... I'll update this when I'm not feeling lazy)

Other than that, I've nothing more to say. Thank you for viewing my profile.


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