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 Missing Make It Right...  

Hi there~

Let's chat about the things you like, the things I like... and talk about the things we have in common.
You know... drama and BL! ^ . ^

I (sort of) wake up and go to sleep to Anime/movies/shows and dramas. That being sa(i)d, I'm your typical millennial. OK, that is not a factual portrayal of my life... so not true, not accurate at all. 
No, wait! Let me delete the last three sentences. I don't want you to get the wrong idea... sorry!

Message me anytime! I am a nice guy, most of the time—but not all of the time. ^ ^'''
Now, that's a great way to end an introduction!

Ask me for my LINE & WeChat.
No. I don't do FB. ^ ^'''


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