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Kristiansand, Norway


Kristiansand, Norway

It all began a random day in 2008 when I was bored

searched the internetz and found the drama Hana Yori Dango

At first I was like "Asian dramas??" 

After watching it

When I found out that there were more anime/manga adaptions

After watching a couple of them my heart just....

Now Almost 6 years, 340+ dramas & 190+ movies later you might concider me an addict o.O

When I think about the time I've spent infront of my screen watching dramas

But atleast I'm having a great time !!!

When someone insults my dramas

When someone mentions an asian drama/actor/actress in daily life

How you see people who don't like asian dramas

SOME FACTS AND MY TASTE Beside You/DevilBesideYou.gif~original

Currently have the HOTS for
Recognize Her ? :D
Favorite J-Artists

Especially Mami Sasazaki :D

One Ok Rock


So Cuuuute

Big Fan Of Kimura Takuya

I found Nounen Rena really cute & amazing after watching Amachan !!!!

See you guys n girls around MDL ^^


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