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Hi I'm 20 years old. Its been two years since I started watching asian dramas.

My first drama was a japanese drama hana yori dango, my first korean drama was shining inheritance

I can speak 4 languages: English - Dutch - Russian- and a little bit french


1. Favourite korean dramas

Bad guys, Beyond the clouds, Birth of a beauty, Call of the country, Cheo yong, Faith, Falling for innocence, Five fingers, Flower grandpa investigation unit, Foolish mom, Sweet spy,The bridal mask, Masters sun, You who came from the stars, Yellow boots, Two weeks, Vampire prosecuter, Wild chives and soybean soup, Liar game, Local hero, Missing noir, Mrs. Cop, My heart twinkle twinkle, My girl, Mask, Her legend, Golden cross, Gods gift 14-days, Angry mom, Goodbye mr. Black, Marriage contract, Page turner, Pied piper , Please come back mister, Signal

   2.  Favourite japanese dramas

Bitter blood, Bloody monday, Atashinchi no danshi, Fugoh keiji, Ghost friends, Gokusen, Gomenne seishun, Hanasaki mi ga damattenai, Kurosagi, Lady saigo no hanzai profile, Misaki number one, Mop girl, Nobuta wo produce , Pin to kona, Reinoryokusha odagiri kyoko no uso, Remote, Saba doru, Seigi no mikata, Shiritsu bakaleya koukou, Tantei no tantei, Yankee kun to megane chan

   3.   Favourite asian movies

 Blind, Five eagle brothers, The attorney, The crucible, The five, The fortune tellers, The man from nowhere, The thieves, Running man, Salute d amoir, Spellbound, Manhole, Midnight fm, Miracle in cell no 7, Miss granny, Going by the book, How to steal a dog, Assasination classroom, A million, hope

     4.   Favourite genres

Action ~ Comedy ~ Crime ~ Detective ~ Family ~ Horror ~ Law ~ Melodrama ~ Mystery ~ Thriller ~ Historical ~ Romance

My favourite variety shows


Favourite korean actors


Favourite korean actresses


My 2 favorite actors:

Lee kwang soo


Lee joon gi


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