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In front of my laptop


In front of my laptop

Hello Drama & Movie lovers

I'm a huge all-around Korean drama, movie, variety show reality show lover but I do love Japanese drama as well. 

Even though i have a long list of Favorite Actors i dont watch all of their works (especially for drama), i always picked drama by seeing who is the writer and/or sometimes director & production Team.

My Favorite K-Writer: Kim Eun Hee, Noh Hee Kyung, Jin Soo Wan, Yoo Sung Yeol, Park Jae Bum, Han Jung Hoon, and Park Hye Ryun

My Favorite K-Director: Kim Won Suk (Kr Wiki said 1966 but han cinema said 1979), Shin Won Ho, Lee Seung Young, and Lee Jae Hoon

My list of Favorite K-Actors is here 

My Favorite K-Actress : Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Hye Soo & Bae Doo Na

My Favorite genre: Crime, Action, Psychological, Mystery theme but sometimes i need lightweight & heartwarming theme as well (especially after watching heavy dramas constantly) so i do watch Rom-Com & Melodrama but i only watch a well made one.

I understand Korean but i still prefer watching Drama/Movie with subs, i used to understand Japanese as well but my Japanese getting worse after learning Korean so now i only remember 20% of it ahahaha ㅠㅠ

My Rate (for drama & movie only)

10 : It's perfect a must watch!!!

9-9.5 : Not perfect but seriously everyone need to watch this !!!

8.5 : It's really goood i hope more people appreciate this one!

8 : It's good

7.5 : Uhm.... it's okay..... but you can skip this if you want

<=7 : Nah not worthy of your time skip it 

For Kpop I LOVE 2PM, Yoon Jisung, Roh Taehyun, Ha Sungwoon & JBJ to death but also liking music of Day6 and g.o.d !

oh  i love K-rock & Trot too 

If you have a same interest with me  let's be friends :)


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