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seo in guk's mole


seo in guk's mole

Hello~ I'm Camille. I love watching korean dramas, taiwanese dramas, and (a little bit) thai lakorns.

So let me tell you how i got here into dramaland~. I've loved watching dramas since i was still a little kid (but occasionally that time). I only watched the dramas my mom watched back then, like Meteor Garden, Full house, coffee prince etc.(The situation has definitely changed these days, i'm the one who gives drama suggestions and copies to my mom! lol) But, I can say that i really (yep, on my own and always this time) started watching and marathoning taiwanese and korean dramas around 2009.  As far as i remember, the first drama i watched (AND I GOT REALLY ADDICTED TO) was It Started With A Kiss. Not long ago, my friend made me watch Thai lakorns too. So yeah, i think that's all i should say. Here is the list of my favorite dramas by genre:

Taiwanese (i've only watched a few so i'll just put my most favorite): They Kiss Again

Thai Lakorn(i've only watched a few so i'll just put my most favorite)Hormones

How I rate dramas:

I always start with 8/10 then i just deduct or add points. These ratings are according to my personal opinion about the drama/movie/drama special.

9.5-10: I DEFINITELY LOVE IT! IT'S A MASTERPIECE.(I highly recommend)

8.5-9: I enjoyed it and I didn't get bored. (I still recommend it)

7.5-8: It's okay but there are parts that I didn't like

6-7: I don't like it that much :/ 

5.5 or lower: I don't really give this rating but if i did, it must have been pretty bad.

As you can see, i don't really drop dramas. I don't like dropping dramas so i always try my best to finish it no matter how bored i get. I just believe that i might like the ending and i don't want to miss it! :>

I'm not really into k-pop but i have some idols that i stan, they are SHINee, IU and CNblue. Yep, these are the only k-pop idols that i listen to. If there are other idols that i also like, i probably like them as an actor or actress. 

BTW, If you have any drama that you wanna suggest to me, feel free to message me. I feel glad whenever someone suggests a drama to me :-) 

  • Twitter: @deuramajuseyo (i'm active in twitter so it would be great  if we could talk there)


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