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hi! i'm iffah :)
here's a little bit about me lol:
- i'm a seventeen year old girl living in the UK, and i'm currently doing my a levels

- i'm a muslim :D people misunderstand us because certain things are taken out of context, but really, islam is beautiful :) (i actually was born into it, but i didn't really practice it, so then i started to learn about it, and now it's my life lol!)

- i enjoy reading books, mangas, art, drawing/painting, photography, anime, films, and more lol!!!


- i love all types of fruits and veggies, tho i waste my time eating junk!!!

- i started watching anime when i was a baby, then watched some korean cartoons, which then led me to watching kdramas!!! idk what my first drama was...i think it was boys over flowers??? (lol the og drama)

- my parents are from bangladesh, and i was born in wales! 

- i drop a lot of dramas, depending on how i feel about them after usually 3 episodes, however, i don't list them as 'dropped' dramas...idk why lol xD

- i enjoy crime/action/thriller/horror/slice of life dramas! though tbh, i can watch anything :)

- it takes me a long ass time to rate my dramas, because my opinions are constantly changing (i'm also very indecisive lmao), so, here's what my ratings usually mean:
       10 - MASTERPIECE. (i haven't rated a drama a ten yet...)
       9/9.5 - amaaaaazing drama!!! probably has a place in my heart <3
       8/8.5 - enjoyable, great drama!
       7/7.5 - good drama, but could be a bit boring here and there!
       6/6.5 - average. probably was boring, or had a messy plot and silly characters!
       5/5.5 - you might like it, but i don't lol
       4/4.5 - i watched it so you don't have to...basically, don't waste your time.
       3/3.5 - wowwwww huge flop :(
       2/2.5 - no. just a fail lol
       1/1.5 - awful, atrocious, terrible; do i need to say anything else? :'/

thanks for reading <3


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