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" Let's talk about our favorite things. We'll be happy if we talk about our favorite things."
(Mother - Michiki Rena/Tsugumi)

About drama

1. Country

Japan & South Korea

2. Genre

First Priority: Action, Investigation, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, Psychological, Detective, School, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Comedy, Romance, and Manga.

Second Priority: Life, Family, Friendship, Drama, Law, Horror, etc.

3. Theme

Investigation with crime or detective or suspense and action.

Dark Romance with action or mystery or thriller or suspense or psychological.

Human drama with life or psychological or school or family.

4. Choosing Drama

First, see genre and sinopsis.

Second, see cast.

Third, see reviews and ratings

5. Drama or Movie

Choose drama compared with movie. But still love movie.

" Do you really think people can become more possitive after resting?
People who can start over, don't even stop in the first place.
(Kazoku Game - Yoshimoto Kouya/Tago Yuudai)


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