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Hey, am Jasmine from Egypt but you can call me Jessy, in mid  20s.... a movie maniac, watching international cinema in which of course I was introduced to Asian cinema, which in turn introduced me to k-drama

I watch almost every genre, so don't hesitate to suggest me any

villains-->they are smart, dark and cool
noble idiocy
love triangles--> when audience is divided b/t camps and shippers
needless push and pull in romantic relationships
second male lead--> simply, it's second lead syndrome
arrogant jerk male lead
bromance, bromance and bromance once againHigh school (teens) romance
complex characters, layers and character study that goes deep inside, but like also simple stories when well executed draggy, cliched and going nowhere plots. i know they are a must in almost every drama, but c'mon everything has a limit
human, heartwarming emotions
tearjerkers--> i don't like crying for the sake of crying. actually am not that kind of girl who cry in front of the screen
soundtrack--> especially instrumentalsBoys Over Flowers

* of course there are exceptions

I like making friends so feel free to send me private messages as a way of chatting or add me on Facebook (^-^)

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