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Welcome ♥

About me: You can call me Luna~ I'm a 21 years old law student in my third year and I'm from Germany (& with Turkish roots so I also can speak Turkish fluently). I got into K-Pop in 2011 and it didn't take much time until I watched my first K-Drama (Boys Over Flowers). I'm generally a mature and chill person with a strongly introverted persona and a rather cold and indifferent approach on life. I think and reflect a lot about things to the point of overthinking and I'm also a perfectionist who is almost never satisfied with things including myself (yes it sounds as bad as it is). But I also can be fun, I think? Maybe. But I'm a friendly person overall so talk to me if you want to~

My preferences: Unlike many people here I'm not a big romance enthusiast, although I love realistic and healthy depiction of romance in dramas. It's just that I kinda cringe when it comes to overly corny romantic dialogue so I sometimes feel out of place because all my friends love it. It just doesn't touch my heart lol, there's nothing I can do about that. I may adore romantic comedies sometimes when the characters have hilarious antics and a good chemistry though. What I love are realistic slice of life, friendship-themed dramas and historicals but I also enjoy other genres dramas as long as they are well-made and involve some common sense. Other than that, I'm turned off easily by certain things such as bad acting, excessive violence & nudity, misogyny, inconsistent writing etc; Ah, this one's obvious but I mainly watch Korean dramas although I check out dramas from other countries as well.

Other things: I'm still a K-Pop enthusiast and my all-time favorite groups would be EXO, SHINee and Red Velvet. I love many other groups but they 're my ults. I also love Seventeen, Girls' Generation and IU to death! They have some of the best discographies in K-Pop! ♥ Besides K-Pop I'm also an anime and manga fan since 2009. My all-time favorite anime are Gintama, Haikyuu, Hunter x Hunter and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (I can watch them over and over again and they're still the best); my ult manga is One Piece. Here's my MAL profile btw~ I also play games if I have the time. I played every Pokémon game of the main series (if you think I'm too old for it you're wrong :P) & it's pretty much my favorite game franchise. I also love the Harvest Moon series (now called Story of Seasons) and the Phoenix Wright series a lot.

 Some other random facts  

♥: coffee • good plot • sm town artists • rainy days • drawing • dark dramas • historical settings • open-minded people • slow-burn stories • ballad music • old dramas • dark/antihero characters • fall season • strong female characters • relaxing 
✘: noise • loud places • heat • immature people • wrist-grabbing • possessive leads • amnesia • obsessive leads watching drama while airing (I still do it smh ><) • injustice • impatience • noble idiocy • fish-eyed kiss • accidental kiss • characters without common sense
K-Drama • Boys Over Flowers (2012)
J-Drama   Hana Yori Dango (2012)
T-Drama Hi My Sweetheart (2013)
C-Drama Bu Bu Jing Xin/Scarlet Heart (2016)
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          Rating system ♡                        >>>>>>>>>10: absolute masterpiece (rarely given)
9.5 - 9:  amazing, unforgettable, a favorite
8.5 - 8: highly enjoyable, maybe a bit cliched or minor flaws but they don't distract too much
7.5-7: nice watch, but flawed or too bland (nothing fresh/special), not bad at all though
6.5.-6: watchable, but major visible flaws or simply forgettable
5.5-5: mediocre in every way
4.5-3: trainwrecks & a waste of time
under 2.5: why does this exist WHY???

 Lists: Watched by year  

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• Favorite dramas

(only those I rated 10/10)

 • My Mister (2018) •

 • Prison Playbook (2017) •

• SKY Castle (2018) •

• Chief Kim (2017) •

• The Fiery Priest (2019) •

• Six Flying Dragons (2015) •

• Signal (2016) 

• more in my fav list

 Favorite actors & actresses

• Male list  Female list • Idol list  Supporting list 

 Favorite characters

(random order, I will add new ones from time to time~)

Grim Reaper/Wang Yeo (Goblin)
played by Lee Dong Wook
Kim Sung Ryong (Chief Kim)
played by Nam Goong Min
Lee Ji An (My Mister)
played by Lee Ji Eun/IU
Kim Hae Il (The Fiery Priest)

played by Kim Nam Gil

Wang So (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo)
played by Lee Joon Gi
Lee Min (I Remember You) 

played by Park Bo Gum

Nam Gyu Man (Remember: War of the Son)
played by Nam Goong Min
Cheon Song Yi (You Who Came From The Stars)
played by Jun Ji Hyun
Yoo Han Yang (Prison Playbook)
played by Lee Kyu Hyung
Do Min Joon (You Who Came From The Stars)
played by Kim Soo Hyun
Wang Rin (The King in Love)
played by Hong Jong Hyun
Lee Bang Won (Six Flying Dragons)
played by Yoo Ah In
Mu Hyul (Six Flying Dragons)
played by Yoon Kyun Sang
Bidam (Queen Seon Deok)
played by Kim Nam Gil
Seo Yool (Chief Kim)

played by Lee Jun Ho

Joo Byung Hee (Shut Up Flower Boy Band)
played by Lee Min Ki
Shin Se Gi (Kill Me Heal Me)
played by Ji Sung
Hwang Shi Mok (Stranger)
played by Jo Seung Woo
Ryan Gold (Her Private Life)
played by Kim Jae Wook

Jin Jin Hee (SKY Castle)
played by Oh Na Ra

thx for reading & have a nice day ♡

PS: I love meeting new friends so don't be too shy to add me or leave a message! Especially we share some interests However you shouldn't add me at all if...

• support the kinds of Yoochun. JJY, Seungri etc.

• only like dramas with idols (I'm an old hag who' is past that age).

• have homophobic tendencies or are offended by LGBT+ dramas/movies.

• are an anti of/hate my ult groups.


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