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Kat // 케이
Twen teen-something • Professional daydreamer • bibliophile

About Me:

Hi! My name is Kat. I'm a professional day dreamer, part-time procrastinator and currently emotionally invested in my favorite football team, BTS and Korean dramas. 

When did I start watching K-Dramas?
Last 2003.

Do I watch other dramas beside K-Dramas?
Right now, I'm into K-Dramas, but if you can recommend any Asian drama, I'd happily add it to my list :) 

Favorite Genres: Rom-Com's my favorite but aside from that, I basically watch everything as long as the story keeps me interested.

Favorite Dramas: A lot, but this currently tops my list: 


First Dramas I've Seen:

Autumn in My Heart tumblr_lqms3iWtfe1qbquwzo1_250.gif

How I rate:
When it comes to rating, I don't follow any certain criteria. I rate dramas and/or movies randomly~ as in, based on the story (how much I liked it and/or enjoyed the flow of the drama overall, the loopholes, etc.) characters, the actors, the production, also the ost, and most importantly, the impact (aka the feels it gave me haha) of the whole drama on me. 

You can also find me at: Tumblr


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