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Somewhere over there
Big Issue korean drama review
Big Issue
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by kez
May 4, 2019
32 of 32 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 9.5
This review may contain spoilers
Big Issue has been a random drama for me to watch. I only watched it while looking at Han Ye Seul's instagram wondering what drama is she going to be on. Little did I know, after watching the first two episodes, it got me hooked already. The way Han Seok Joo risked his life on that train to get the photo taken was surprising for me. I guess this is how paparazzis work? Anyway, I liked this drama because it gave me the other side of the entertainment, politics and media industry. I think I was only secluded with the happy and positive environment that the korean dramas show.

It's a dirty. The drama revealed many things especially with the current situation that Korea's facing right now. It might not be the EXACT thing, but it somehow connected it to the issues that's happening in there now. I loved the cast, so much. They exert so much effort to bring out the emotions and what their character is thinking. Kudos to Han Ye Seul and Joo Jin Mo. They were really good and to be honest, I liked their chemistry.

Another character that I liked was Ms. Seo (Ji Soo Hyun's assistant). I really don't have any particular reasons why I liked her but throughout the drama, I was liking her. Perhaps her character development? Speaking of character development, I was so surprised with Ji Soo Hyun's character development. When the white hair witch appeared, and we found out that she was the one controlling it, I was mind blown. Who would've thought of that?

To cut this, since it's getting longer, if you're interested to see what goes behind the camera, pretty pictures and smiles of your favorite actress, figure, try watching this. It's going to blow your mind because while watching, this thought might occur to you: "This is actually happening in Korea" or any country to be honest.

That's it folks! I hope you guys watch this drama. I really loved it. I'm sad it had to end.
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