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Flag CounterWelcome to My Drama List.

You can call me a drama junkie, addict or whatever cause man i'll agree with it. To me dramas are an escape from life a world of my own, in which I spend way to much time. It's been a few years since I started , and have yet to get over my 'phase' as my friends would call it . Lol i've been through a few of those  during my teenage years.

A little bit about me. Where do I even start? 

I'm 21.  A total foodie. I binge watch series overnight instead of sleeping , I like taking photos ever since I was a  toddler ( I got that trait from my dad). I'd like to travel even though I can't do much rn cause your girl is broke. I'm in college trying to get a degree in science ( we'll see how that goes rip me ). I'm stuck somewhere between being  introverted and extroverted , sometimes I love people ,love talking and love leaving my house but most of the time you'll find me in my room alone enjoying myself. I'm in love with a man called seokjin , who owns almost every inch of my heart , the rest belongs to my other kpop boys and fav actors. You could say i have a lot of favs across music and acting industries, countries but no one does it like my mans. Tbh who even is reading this I think i'll stop here, if you are reading this then hi hello hehehe lets frans.


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