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[about] :  rei. male. 21yo. intp.

places you can find me — my youtube edits / tumblr / twitter (priv)

30% tv shows + 60% movies + 10% procrastinating in between. save me.

♡   matching shisoo icons with my dear friend bc we love these boyfriends so very much.



☆ kpop stan for over 8 years i'm truly beyond salvation;

★ i waste my time and money on idol games, such as llsif, enstars, bandori.

☆ 3rd year university student, literature major!

★ when I first got into Asian dramas, I used to watch (embarrassingly cheesy) Chinese series; 

☆ I either marathon 10+ shows at once or don't watch any for 5 months straight, don't expect more from me;

★ I'm too emotionally involved in everything with a quality mix of crime/thriller/psychological. gambling, yakuza;  all this terrible, yet exciting kind of stuff! that's what I mostly  enjoy watching, but I can bear (almost) any genre, as long as it's smart  and addictive; 

☆ my favorite fictional characters go from badass to sadass real quick ?? and I would take a bullet for any of them;

★  I'm more into movies, but I'm slowly trying to dig up more tv shows  (I'm open to recommendations!) .. and perfect my skill of never  finishing most of them.

and  lastly, if you wish to recommend me stuff or discuss any drama/movie we  might share, go on, hit me up. friends requests are always welcomed.

psst, I'd die for Matsuda Ryuhei.



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