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hey i'm erin, 20 y/o, studying japanese language and literature. i've been into kpop since 2013 and over the years i started watching korean variety shows followed by many east asian dramas and movies. currently more into japanese and chinese cinema as well as literature and culture.

basically i enjoy unique characters and well-written stories with multiple angles, tend to prefer movies over dramas (but somehow seen more dramas than movies), a good cinematography, a little bit of realism and japanese humour. can't stand clichés, painfully streched plot, bad acting, insincere love stories, over the top romance, broken bonds and promises in relationships.

my rating system is, to be honest, not based on rational thinking but rather how much i was 'touched' by a single scene, a line, or a character. my favorite directors at the moment are wong kar wai and kim kiduk. 

i'm not into kpop as i was years ago but i still like and occasionally follow some groups including bts, nct and some girl groups.

feel free to add as a friend or message me anytime! 


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