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I like all Kdrama genres: action, thriller, medical, legal, crime, melo, romcom, makjang, family, sageuk, etc. 

My favorite genres though are dailies, weekend family/makjang dramas, and action/thriller. 

Sometimes I'm in the mood for a swoony, heart racing romance; sometimes I'm allergic to any form of it and rejoice when writers keep the show romance-free and pure as the driven snow.

Because of my OCD completist kink, I like to sample every drama that airs. I also drop most dramas I start, because they eventually disappoint me by lagging, repeating plot points, getting lost in the hills, etc. Sometimes I lose my interest for no discernible reason. And I think that's fine. I've eaten half a delicious cake;  I don't need to finish it. 

Maybe there's something psychopathic about the way I sever attachments to even dramas I used to violently love; I have no curiosity how they end. Once a drama's dead to me, it's dead to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

I'm a nitpicker; fellow miserly critics are my kindred spirits. RIP vaultofdoom's blog :((


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