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Nilla - 24  -
Japanology student

~ Watching J-dramas since ‘17
~ Hard-core Death Note fangirl since ‘08
~ Prefers Japan over other Asian countries
~ Always re-watching favourite actors’ stuff
~ A bit biased about 嵐 and its members
                     especially MatsuJun

~ First J-drama: Death Note (2015) - in 2017
~ First J-movie: Death Note (2006) - in 2008
~ Baited by Oshinari Shugo & Ohno Satoshi
~ Favourite drama: Maou

drama – crime – mystery – thriller – romance – melodrama
animals – suspense – detective/investigation – psychological
slice of life/human drama – adult/mature stories

action/martial arts – sci-fi
food – tokusatsu – war
millitary – political –  clichéd school

* * * * *


Ayano Go – Fujiwara Tatsuya – Ito Hideaki – Iura Arata – Kitamura Kazuki
Kubota Masataka – Matsumoto Jun – Ninomiya Kazunari – Oguri Shun – Ohno Satoshi
 Oshinari Shugo – Sato Koichi – Suda Masaki – Tsumabuki Satoshi – Watanabe Ken 

* * * * *

Since, sadly, I’m not a movie critic my ratings based on my subjective opinion and feelings. I might give a “better” movie a worse rate, while a “worse” movie a much better point that according to most people it’d probably get.

And, it doesn’t matter how much I like horror movies in general, I tend to underrate J-horrors the most of the times – there is a very simple reason for this; though Toshio’s meowing still creeps the hell out of me, I’m not scared by ghost stories so it can’t have the same effect on me as it might does on other people. No, don’t ask me why I keep watching them.

In case anyone would feel like adding me as a friend because we share some similarities in our tastes, please feel free about it; there might be some linguistic barriers but I am open to “meeting” new people and fangirling over things. :3  

* * * * *

Ps. Narratage and Jun in glasses are my guilty pleasure.


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