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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
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Apr 21, 2017
Overall 7.5
Story 6.5
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 6.5
Had a great starting but was disappointed towards the end. Lets talk about the positive points of the story first: Starting was really good. It was comical, absurd, funny and interesting. The theme itself is interesting and the character of Bong Soon was well thought. I can see her character development throughout the drama and it kept me going. The ending was wholesomely satisfying with conclusion for each character. It's generally a light-hearted drama with exaggerated comedy. There are many fluttering moments for the two leads that you'll enjoy as much as I do. Next, the negative points: I felt that the drama wasted so much time on other unnecessary details/segments like the gangster and high school students part (especially the monk). I understand that the writer may want to lighten up the mood, with drama going on for other characters, but then its really excessive. They could have put the time into creating more detailed and intense climax. Every time the leads come across the kidnapper, the details become so slipshod that I cannot ignore the loopholes. Other story that could have been more detailed: Hee Ji's presence, Bong Soon's parents' cold war Like many others, I really love BongBong (Boyoung) and MinMin (Hyungsik) so much. To be honest, the romance and chemistry between them is the major point that kept me going after episode 11. Gookdu (Jisoo) is kind of being wasted in this drama, he is just there as a catalyst for the leads to fall in love, I wasn't able to see Jisoo's potential as an actor (hope he will get a better character next time). Casts did generally OK and suitable to their roles. Characters that shone in the drama are BongBong, MinMin and Oh Dol Pyung and the respective actors did well! The OST Superpower Girl is super super suitable for the drama, fun and positive, really suitable for whenever Bong Soon is displaying her strength. Songs are apt to the situations in the drama but there aren't any outstanding OSTs (only Superpower Girl). I have enjoyed it in general, did not regret watching it despite some major disappointments. And that game Super Bong Sunnie looks really fun.....
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