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About me: I do not, usually, keep in touch with friends. I do send requests if we happen to have a conversation somewhere or sometimes if our thoughts seem to be in the same line. But yeah, I do not keep in contact other than those particular instances. So, if you send me a request, I will take time to think if I should accept it, if I'll ever have a conversation with you any time in the future. 

Some lines from the drama/movies I watched:

"Do your utmost even in trivial things.From that, you can attain sincerity. This sincerity becomes apparent. From being manifest, it becomes brilliant. Brilliant, it affects others. Affecting others, they are changed by it. Changed by it, they are transformed. It is only... those with complete sincerity... who can transform everything. It will change. If you do your utmost, one by one... The world will change." - King Jeong Jo, The Fatal Encounter

It's comfortable to ignore but uncomfortable  to confront, hey but given what has happened shouldn't you keep your pride and follow it through to the end? You're a (prosecutor) after all. - Prosecutor WooBad Guys 2

Ryo: When we're born, we're innocent. However, when growing up, why do we do stupid things such as fighting or hurting? I'm sometimes scared. Why can't we remain innocent?
Professor : I believe it's the strength of emotion.
Ryo: The strength of emotion?
Professor : It's true that when growing up, we're not innocent anymore. However, it's also the state of maturing emotionally and mentally by facing various desires. When you think that way, you can have hope. We all have the strength to overcome any difficulty and use it as nourishment. These unlimited possibilities of human beings attract me. And the Psychiatry becomes the guidance of the pleasant life. You can worry about that as much as you want. And it won't be wasted. That will only make you stronger. - Karamazov no kyodai, episode 4.

Jung Gal Hee: .....hiding (things, from issues) is worse than lying...."- The Secret Life Of My Secretary , episode 25-28.

Gi Mu Hyuk: ....people enjoy watching a hero fall down than succeed." - Mr Temporary , episode 15

Being interested in your surroundings and trying small things are capable of  changing not only your day but also the day of everyone else around you. - Train pilot (Feel good to die )
Kim Do Hyeong:.........the people closest to you don't know about you.. that's because you are ashamed of yourself. you shouldn't make yourself into someone to be ashamed of.(My Beautiful Bride)

Park Joo hyun : You still play go. Is it because you like it or just out of spite?
Lee Hyun Ji : I like it. I'm happy when I win, and when I lose... I'm happy to find out why I lost.
PJH : Is that humanly possible? Are you okay with not being a pro?
LHJ : Yes.
PJH : My goodness. I'd love it if I could be a crime-busting officer, but if I had to be on patrol forever, I'd hate it.
LHJ : There are still matches to win. Whether I'm a pro or an amateur.  - Episode 3, Secret Boutique 

This one is surely to keep in mind whenever I go to vote, though the context was different, from 2nd(4th) episode of My Fellow Citizens:

Park Hoo Ja:"Use money to get close to him, use money to get him elected.What if he doesn't listen once he's in office? Then we'll spend money to get him to listen, and thank him if he does, and spend more money. This is a never-ending loop. Don't you think it's odd? We always spend the money. So why are we the ones who bow down...and ask the politician punks to help us?"
Driver:"Look, I know you were offended just earlier. I do, and I understand, but..."
Park Hoo Ja:"
The one being arrogant should be the one spending, not the jerk taking the money. Even if it's just a cup of coffee, we always pay. So why must we always kiss up to them, say things we don't mean, and get on our hands and knees before them? Something is seriously wrong with that. This isn't right. It isn't right to keep living this way."


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