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[안녕하세요 아니타 입니다 방가방가 ☺]

Hey there! My name is Anita and I am from Sweden. As you probably can guess, I watch a lot of East-Asian dramas on my freetime; mostly Korean dramas but sometimes Chinese or Taiwanese dramas aswell. I grew up watching TVB dramas (HK) since I am Cantonese but the "real" binge-watching started in 2009 with BOF (surprise surprise). Other things I enjoy includes: music, food, reading webtoons and sleep :^). I wouldn't say I'm a fan of social events or gatherings so you could say I'm really living up to most of the introverts, right..? Haha. I'm not that interesting of a person so not quite sure what else about me is worth a mention but feel free to dm me if you have anything you'd like to know~

Not-so-fun-fact about my username: nigatsuchild is just nigatsu (February in Japanese) + child. It's a username I've had since 2007/2008 (though on other websites) so it's super old & basically ancient lol,, I'll change it the day MDL let us change it FORREAL which probably won't happen but yeah..not the end of the world I guess.. :^)

dp: actress wang zi wei :)


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