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Hello! I am Paige.

Just to keep it simple I am just a girl who spend too much time watching one too many drama series From Japanese and Korean series to HongKong series, I don't watch too much Taiwan series though as they tends to annoy me. Japanese came to become my favorite among all genre, all the intense and ridiculous plot included, mainly focusing on a certain topic. With the story almost always being short and mostly straight to the point, which one thing I both love and hate about them.

Let me put down some favorite on lists.

Top 5 Favorite Japanese Actors (Not in order)

Satoh Takeru

Miura Haruma

Matsuzaka Tori

Fukushi Sota

Yoshizawa Ryo

Top 5 Favorite Japanese Actresses (Not in order)

Emi Takei

Ayase Haruka

Ishihara Satomi

Shinohara Ryoko

Komatsu Nana

Top favorite dramas and movies list, please look to the side. I don't always be on drama rolls, there are too much things out there for me to be fix on a certain thing, but if I am on drama roll it will certainly be J-drama these days, or some HongKong dramas from the older, the 1990 period.

Watching dramas is a relaxing hobby for me, and I would sometimes add comments or do reviews, but I do not appreciate anyone who would start an argument based on my point of view. For me things are simple, there are people who prefer coffee, there are people who prefer tea, there are also people who like both things and people who dislike both. My point of views are mine, so if you dislike it, skip over and get a life, we are just watching dramas, not making another drama out on real life.

Motto in life: Chill, live, laugh, love, try; you only live once.


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