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Takuya Kimura Series and Movies I've seen

Here's the list of the movies and series I have watched with Takuya Kimura, because Captain is <3In no particular order :)

46 titles
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JDorama Romance

Can be a drama or movie, it may not be highly rated but it is worth the watch. This is  a mix or romance and comedy, or romance and drama.

25 titles
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Japanese Doramas Rated 9 and/or 10

Jdorama and Specials I rated 10 and 9...

18 titles
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Japanese Movies Rated 9 and/or 10

Japanese movies I rated 10 and 9

12 titles
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Dark and Heavy

Can either be a movie or a drama. This is for those I think are on a darker side. A little mysterious, psychological perhaps? 

10 titles
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Japanese Actors I LIKE

They make my heart melt, not just with looks for with their acting capabilities. Some of them has not proven themselves yet, but I know one…

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Japanese Actresses I LIKE

Actresses I often like to see...

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