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Heroine Disqualified
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by rheabiel

Mar 13, 2016
Overall 8.5
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 8.5
Its my first time waiting for a live manga adaptation to come out. After watching a movie about high school love and friendship, I wanted to watch a movie again with the same genre and feels. Thanks to this site, I have found out about this movie. So you know, I am not fond of manga adaptation to movies, I have never really liked any (except some dramas). Upon knowing about this and going through the trailers, I know, its this kind of movie I have been waiting for. I waited, searched, and finally Its here. The story, as we all know, isn't knew, childhood friends who turned to lovers but before that they need to settle their own real feelings and to achieve that they need to break some hearts But, that's what I love about this movie. Simple, funny, comedic at times and even though you have watched any other movies with the same story, this movie doesn't feel redundant after all. I love the exaggerated expression of the heroine. She was really good in her portrayal in this movie (although I haven't read the manga but I never thought of any slapstick moment in her acting here). For the guys, Yamazaki Kento was good, (I was going to comment on how should he put more effort in his character but Im going to believe that's how Rita should be portrayed based on the manga. For Kentaro Sakaguchi, this is my first introduction to him, but just like Hatori said, "he's freaking handsome". He is perfect to be Kosuke Hiromitsu, he has really played the role well. His acting and characterization is much better that Yamazaki Kento thus it can't be helped for the audiences to fall for him and have that "second lead syndrome feel". And yes, I liked him more.The story was perfectly made and I feel satisfied with everything. I just think they could've made some great moments/additional scenes out there but since they were following the manga, then it cant be helped. I was just quite disappointed that they didn't even once played the movie Ost. I jsut love that song and its been on repeat in my playist. I was really waiting for it to be played somewhere in those cute heart stopping moments but, it didn't. It could've made the movie more romantic. Grr, they should really have added it then my rating would be higher. You will feel more their emotions with it. I miss watching Japanese dramas, you know with those nonsense plots, exaggerated stories and reactions. But despite all that, you will smile, laugh, cry, you will feel like an idiot and despite al of that, they will tell you lessons.ahhhw those feels from Hana Kimi and Ataschinchi no Danshi did you hear me? hahaha
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