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I am a fan of anime and Asian dramas. I have watched some Taiwanese dramas in the past but eventually will have to find out which one I have watched and add to list later.

I am a major fan of kdrama though, my first kdrama was boys over flowers then playful kiss because it was made from a manga. Later in 2014 I started to watch more kdramas, I am trying to watch as much as I can, I am a fan of mostly fantasy/historical lately. But anything fantasy dramas I like.

I have also watched my first chinese drama this year called my amazing boyfriend, but my current favorite chinese drama is ice fantasy.

I hope to meet new kdrama fans and befriend them, i'm also into asian snacks they are my favorite!

I also love to draw if anybody like to check out my art at http://risaru.deviantart.com

I have my own story that is purely fantasy with lots of elves 


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