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Outside of my undying love for all things HERMES!!, I love psychological dramas with a lot of twists that keep you on the edge of your seat, dramas about the darker sides of humanity and human nature, the irrelevance of people and human relationships, etc -- ones that really make you think and stay with you after they are done. I occasionally enjoy something lighter too if it is fun and compelling and can keep me interested. I tend to drop dramas I don't enjoy. Why waste time watching something mediocre when there are a lot of interesting dramas waiting to be seen? Anything rated 7-10 is an enjoyable rating for me, and the 6s and 6.5s were decent as well.

I typically love: human dramas, business and finance, psychological, crime, corruption and schemes, coming of age, difficult to handle topics, obsessions with money and power, dark and gritty with a lot of twists, fashion (particularly designer), Hermes products in dramas

I typically dislike: heavy sci fi, sports, romcom, heartwarming family dramas, slow pacing, long dramas (asadora are an exception)

I hate: food dramas, romance with no deeper storyline, sex jokes and teenage humor

I love memorable characters, particularly complex antagonists and eccentric supporting characters; click here for a list of my ultimate favorites.

I enjoy talking to people about dramas and exchanging recommendations so feel free to send me a request or message. I do like to actually talk to the people on my list, though.



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