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Hi to all fellow drama fans!
My name is Sanja  I'm an Asian drama addict ;P Thus before watching anime or reading manga I was hooked in this crazy world within few minutes only by watching some random video on net made of drama clips with this great Japanese music playing along. Now I like all things Asian:
MOVIES Actually, if I really strain my memory that was first thing Asian I saw. To tell the truth I was like 7 years old and watching martial art movie with my dad. I remember liking it, that's probably why I still remember it, but c'mon I’m a girl. There for something was missing… maybe some romance. Yosh, that’s how now I like Seducing Mr. Perfect.
DRAMA Well I'm quite easily entertained. It doesn't matter what genre it is (my list shows it) as long there is great story line, some decent skilled actors (hotties will sometimes do too *blushing*- do NOT laugh, you know you do it too) and actresses. I rather chose drama to the way of my mood. And I don't like it to be too long so I can cram it in one night/day. Why? Oh, I just so happen to like dramathons :D
MUSIC One word: A-RA-SHI. Yeap,I know, still I can't help it. Well I also like CNBLUE, B'z and Honey L Days.  
LANGUAGE People around me go ballistic, because I started to use Japanese in everyday situations. You know how you can slip not even realize it? Some 'yosh' here, 'io' there, some 'ta dai ma' stepping trough doors and some 'ojasimi' before slipping in warm bed. Tough ‘baka’ comes handy sometimes too.
FASHION SENSE ...ooooh, not to forget THAT!  They really do have it and it's amazing. That is a bonus for me 'cause one of things I'm working in is design. Girls are cute and to believe boys are stylish too.  
My first love are all Japanese things (will stay that way), but I don't mind any others as well. Actually on my list are leaking more and more Korean dramas and movies as well and do believe others will follow.
Well beside all that I'm your ordinary girl (or not as my sister claims).
I am really happy to have found MLD for knowing more people are in this too. Plus I like order and making a list is great way to go about bunch of drama and movie titles. Then yet again how could you not enjoy giving your favorite drama score 10 :D

P.S. Want to be friends? Just send a request. Have watched some great drama or have some suggestions for me? Feel free to post it under my profile.


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