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Hello! Just call me Shin, aside from a drama addict, I'm also a self-taught digital artist with big goals & dreams. Please do support my works. I would appreciate it very much. You can check them on the following sites below. Thank you very much! ^_^

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Rating System: I rate based on concept, depth of story, proper execution, character development, satisfaction and overall enjoyment. I actually do prefer the 5-scale rating system since it's much simpler considering MDL's 10 rating system also includes a 0.5 in between the numbers making 10 excessively high. Although I don't mind giving a perfect 10 as long as it reached my criteria.

10. Perfect (stunningly brilliant and leaves a strong impact and effect on me. kept me hooked until the end)
9. Excellent (almost perfect, really enjoyed it but still had minimal parts that could have been better)
8. Good watch (good concept and storyline but execution still has rooms for improvement, e.g. character traits, sequence of events, pacing, etc)
7. Not Bad (average, nothing is new to the story and there isn't anything memorable after watching however, it still have some "ups" moment)
6. OK (still watchable but the outrageous scenes outnumbered the reasonable ones)
5. Almost along the lines of dropping (no development or progress, story is running in circles that it's turning the drama troublesome to continue)
4-below. Cringe-worthy(too awful, wouldn't even recommend this to anyone)


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