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Hello :) My name is Alice, I'm 22 and I'm from Ireland, I have been hooked on Asian dramas for 9 years now, it started when I was 13 years old with One Litre of Tears then Full House and now I can't live without them. If you want to talk about anything or discuss dramas please leave me a comment! because of falling in love with Korea through their dramas and culture it's only natural how much I wanted to visit there, so it was my mission all through my teen years! and at this point I've been to South Korea several times now and I love it! it's worth 15 hours on a plane haha I've also briefly visited Japan but would love to see it properly one day, Taiwan is next on my list!

If you're reading this and are on my profile then leave me a comment letting me know what started your drama journey! i love hearing others stories :) 

Any drama I rated 9 or 10 is a favourite, and I tend to re-watch dramas I love a lot, and I also don't skip any scenes, when I watch a drama I watch it entirely which I just thought I would mention since a lot on here tend to skip scenes they find boring. I mainly love Korean and Taiwanese dramas but I like Chinese and Thai too (just as long as it's not slap kiss), I like some Japanese drama too but not really that into them.

Just some drama ranting, to be honest it kind of annoys me when someone says there is love triangles in dramas (there is almost no drama with an actual love triangle at least not in the usual format dramas) it's always a main couple who are MUTUALLY in love and a second lead who can't take a hint lol that is not a love triangle, so it's safe to say I've never had second lead syndrome haha.

I make drama MVs every now and again on youtube too if anyone is interested in checking them out :)

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