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Hello, my name is Alice :) I'm from Ireland and I have been hooked on Asian dramas since 2009, it started with One Litre of Tears then Full House and so on, I watch Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese and also Thai if I like the story. I'm a big re-watcher, I've seen many of my favourites 5+ times so my list doesn't go up that fast due to that.  I'm a hopeless romantic looking for escapism from this modern world which is why I've always loved dramas, they're the only part of the modern world that still does romance right but for how long more who knows. 

May 2021 edit: Haven't been active in over a year and haven't watched much new dramas in over a year, I came back on seeing if there was anything I missed out on but it seems not :( it seems the "for how long more" I mentioned is now, dramas are slowly becoming more like modern western shows and being infected with sexual content and feminism and other woke crap, "strong female leads" are starting to ruin Asian shows like they ruined the West, so will continue to be inactive and mostly rewatch old favourites unless something new interests me enough, very sad, dramas were the last things that had the old romanticism in them and now it's going to be gone and it makes me want to cry.


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