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Hi MDL pals, I miss all of you so I am back with a new account. Shall not mention my previous account name in case some stalkers find this new account. I am trying to add back all my friends here. Please try not to mention my previous name in case it is captured by search engine. Here I am as Soloist. You can call me Solo. :)

Just in case you think that the stalkers are from MDL, they are not. They are my co-workers. I accidentally leaked my username to them. They went on to stalk my twitter and instagram. I had no choice but to delete those accounts. I was really afraid that they could find me here. Hence, I abandoned my old account.

Nice to be back. Now, I have to add new dramas in. Forget about the past.

As known to my friends here, I am a true blue CNBlue fan. I am all out to irritate bimba with Yong Hwa posts. Yes, it is me, bimba. I will be back to irritating you once you add me back as friend. 

Will do up my profile when I am free again. It feels good being back here. :D


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