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Leprechaun Land :)


Leprechaun Land :)
Eye candies to look out for
9 0

Hotties who I should keep track off (no specific order ^^)

Women, I would totally swap bodies with
7 0

So if magically it happened... i would definitely not mind if i ended up in their bodies

Cute ahjussi
7 0

there are always cute ahjussi that you cannot not mention :)

Fav supporting actos
7 0

favorite supporting characters in dramas that make it worth to watch a drama or movie

Inspirational movies/drama
6 0

Some movies that made me think about stuff and showed something new

Best action
2 0

action dramas and movies... i love those (not really the ones that have lots of guns and such but where they are physical fight... like using…

Best Devils
3 0

Actors for being best evils/devils Jung Woong In- I hear you voice, Empress Ki, Shin Sung Rok- you who came from the stars, Jun Gook Hwan- Empress…