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Birth of a Beauty korean drama review
Birth of a Beauty
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by steph_ravita
Jan 12, 2015
21 of 21 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 9.0
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
To be honest, when I started this drama, I didn't have very high hopes for it. I expected lighthearted nonsense and that it wouldn't be anything special. I must that I am pleasantly surprised and very happy to be adding this one to my favourites. If you're looking for a cute rom-com that will have you smiling throughout while at the same time having you ready to pull your hair out in frustration but will keep you interested overall - this is it. STORY - 7.0/10 I'll say it right off the bat - if you're looking for a drama with completely sound logic, this is not it. There are several lapses in logic throughout the drama, mainly the beginning but if you're like me and just going with the flow, it won't bother you very much. The story is full of k-drama clichés that again you'll need to ignore. Also, in my opinion, the drama dealt with the issue of plastic surgery and body appearance very lightheartedly so again, if you feel strongly about these issues, this may not be a drama you'd like. However, there are many good points in the story from the main couple romance to the baddies whose hair you'll gladly be ready to pull out. The story blossoms beautifully, evolving from one point to the next with some speed bumps along the way. It keeps you hooked and interested especially in the first few episodes. There's also a lot of fluffy and adorable moments between the main couple. ACTING/CAST - 9.0/10 This is the first time I've seen any of these actors and actresses (with the exception of the veteran actors) and I have to say, this cast was brilliant. I loved Joo Sang Wook to pieces in this. Han Ye Seul and he have wonderful chemistry that kept me enthralled from episode 1. Wang Ji Hye did her role as Chae Yun quite well since I don't think I've ever disliked a character so intensely. Jung Gyu Woon as Lee Kang Joon was very entertaining as well. MUSIC - 8.0/10 The OST is actually quite good and the music throughout the drama was appropriate. I'm definitely downloading some of these songs. REWATCH VALUE - 7.0/10 I'd definitely rewatch this drama someday (maybe sooner than I think) because I really enjoyed the romance and comedy plus the bit of hilarity and ridiculousness that came with it! OVERALL - 9.0/10 I enjoyed this one immensely. If you like a drama with romance, comedy and fluffiness with a hint of revenge and k-drama craziness, you'd probably like this one.
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