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Hi there,

A Biography sounds so serious/important, but I will keep it "short".

My first drama was Love Alarm S1 shortly after it had released.  It was sort of a spur of the moment thing as I had recently had a change of jobs and was just getting a few weeks into K-pop, so I wanted to immerse myself more into the Hallyu Wave which led me onto this long road.

Back in the days before industrialization you could pay someone to cry at your funeral. I would definitely excel at that job as I cry at almost every single dramatic point when watching dramas.

My Favorite genres boil down to rom/com, melo, drama. I have no preference of school vs adult romance as they can both shine in their own way.

What I cannot watch is Horror as I might be the most scaredy-cat you would ever know, example: I could barely watch WWWSK and had to pause at every flash back. It's Okay to Not Be Okay, could not watch this drama as it was too scary for me. W, I forced myself to complete it even though I could probably faint from how "scary" it was.

My favorite dramas are -

Pinocchio - I Rewatched this drama 3 times, the story was just so good in my opinion, and from acting to music and everything in general it was just so great. The only drama I have given a 10 and would recommend to practically anyone.

The Beauty Inside - I have rewatched this drama about 10 times. Although I would admit I'm a bit tired of it at this point. It's still top-notch to me just not watch it every month. The reason why I only rated this 8,5 is that the Cinematography  felt off at certain points. The story, acting and OST is on point. Also loved the While You Were Sleeping  hint in episode  6, and also in episode 4 My Love Eun Dong and using the same church as Devilish Joy.

Honorable Mentions -

You Who Came from the Stars - I Have rewatched this 3-4 times (not sure) and it's just as magical every time.

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim - Haven't  been able to rewatch this more than once as it gets a bit boring other than the highlights it is a fond memory of mine.

I'm Not a Robot - Chae Soo Bin is just the cutest in this drama, after watching this made me watch Where Stars Land.

Are You Human Too? - I Held off on this drama for so long as I thought it sounded stupid, but boy do I regret holding off on this one. I rewatched it once and it's a blast. The story is so intriguing, and I can't believe I cried as much as I did.

My Watchlist in an Excel where I keep track of watch dates, rewatches (except The Beauty Inside as I've watched it about 10 times) and comments on dramas.

My ratings  are based of:

1-4.5 I don't like it

5-6.5 It's okay

7-8.5 I like it

9-10 I love it

(example, I like it 7-8,5. It is closer to loving it than it's okay 8-8,5, It is closer to liking it than I love it, so it gets an 8)

If I have a drama marked as completed without a rating it means I watched some episodes skipped through some or perhaps even skipped full episodes, but  I watched the ending. I don't think this gives puts me in a position to fairly judge the drama, so I would rather not leave a rating.

Thanks for reading my "Biography" and if you want to chat me up, feel free to! I have no one IRL that watches Asian dramas, so I'm always up to chat :)


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