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City of Dis

Hiya...I'm a 36 year old Black woman.  I've been watching Asian dramas since I was a kid.  Mainly Japanese. My dad was a jujitsu/judo sensei and his sensei was Japanese.  So my dad learned a lot of Japanese and would introduce us to the films from the country. 

So I was watching Jdoramas for decades.  Then as a teenager I got into Kdramas---I'm talking about way before Lee Byun Hun was popular.  As for Chinese/Taiwanese.  My favorite director is from China---and some of my most favorite films are from China...which led me into Hong Kong & Taiwanese dramas---that was over 15 years ago.  Lakorns (Thai dramas) are my most recent dramas. I used to even sub for them (I cleaned up the English and set up the timing). Which I got into more than 10 years ago.  

This also doesn't include my foray into Turkish dramas (which are wow...just wow), Telenovelas, Brazilian dramas (and those are REAL dramas--damn) and all things Indian.  I also watch a great deal of Filippino dramas (but more sporadically than all of the above). 


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