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Two Cops korean drama review
Two Cops
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by xXabsintheXx
Feb 11, 2018
32 of 32 episodes seen
Overall 6.5
Story 5.0
Acting/Cast 7.0
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 1.0
I'll try to keep it short, since there is not that much to mention anyway. But I still want to explain why this drama failed to impress me, even though Jo Jung Suk was the leading man.

I love Jo Jung Suk's acting ever since King2Hearts. There's no denying that he can pull off a far fetching diversity of characters and he will always be one big reason for me to pick a drama. That's why I watched Two Cops, although opinions were definitely not in favor. But as you can see with my rating, the drama still managed to disappoint me big time.

 First though, let me tell you what I liked about it (since the list won't be long):

The bromance between Soo Chang (KSH) and Dong Tak (JJS) was blooming slowly, but once they accepted each other, they had some really nice moments together. Chemistry was there and at some point I was even sad that they didn't have more scenes together. There was still a lot of possibilities that could have been used to deepen their bond more.

The criminal sidekicks who were supporting our leads. I loved their scenes and their antics, because it was funny but not exaggerating. Especially the thug leader (Lee Shi Eon) grew on me, as well as the female pickpocket. I enjoyed her story (including her love line) and her attitude towards certain police officers.

One of the bigger villains (played by Lee Jae Won) had an equally interesting part in the drama. His character and the actor's performance made me care for his story, what was all I needed. The main villains were not outstanding, they remained somewhat stereotype-y, but they were still good and their evilness was convincing.

But what I didn't like:

First of all the romance. Seriously, they could have done without it. Zero chemistry between the leads, instead their scenes took away important time that could have been used on the case. Furthermore Hyeri. I haven't seen much with her yet, but this drama definitely didn't make me want to watch something else with her either. Not only was her character annoying, but also the acting didn't reach me even once. Her kisses with the main lead were actually good, but since I didn't care for the romance at all, their "passion" was a waste of time altogether. And another point that made me wince even more was that JJS's character felt all grown up while the female lead acted like a nosy, clueless brat.

Then there was this confusing point about the Korean law here. Most of the crime dramas I watched until now, were always telling me that relatives are not allowed to investigate or prosecute family members. This drama kind of threw that rule over? It's not the only drama with that kind of law display but it made me wonder again...

I was not able to build a bond with the good guys aka the police squad the lead was part of. The characters were average at best. Nobody stood out, it was your usual bunch of lousy officers, one of them rather a model than a law enforcer who did his bit to make the team look like a joke even more. Especially regarding the main case. This one could have been solved so much faster but since the drama wanted to extent the hunt and because their way of investigation had a lot of nonsensical turns, it took them quite a while to assemble the puzzle. And only at the very end they seemed to have gotten some intelligence input, so they were able to create a plan to catch the bad buys. (I do admit that I was a bit surprised about the actual truth that was revealed at the far end)

One of the major flaws in my eyes was how they used their possibilities regarding the core point of the drama. Soo Chang was a ghost and not bound to anything. He was free to go anywhere without being held back by some kind of ghost rule. Therefore he could have listened in to so many suspicious people. He was rather clueless in the beginning (he annoyed the hell out of me) and he was more interested in chasing his useless love interest instead of finding a way to go back to his normal self. Only later on when he got closer to Dong Tak and after he had fixated his mind on catching the culprits, he became a little smarter and grew on me.

The overall construction of story telling was very slow and draggy. Even the finale didn't speed up but was acted out rather calmly. It's such a shame for the drama, it could have been so much better. Miscast, a script with lacking suspense, superficial characters and wasted opportunities put this drama in the lower ranks of crime shows.

Recommending? Well, rather not. Only if you're a hardcore Jo Jung Suk and bromance fan.
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