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  • I started watching Asian movies/dramas in 2009.

  • My favorite genres are: crime, psychological, investigation, thriller, drama.

  • I tend to stick to heavier themes, and my go-to movie to watch on a Friday night would most likely be about a serial killer.

  • I have a soft spot for J-dramas about family and friendship.

  • I'm not very fond of romance, especially in K-dramas. I'm used to most tropes, but scenes of ML catching falling FL in slow motion, with loud background music and floating flower petals always make me cringe a little.

  • I rarely rewatch movies and dramas

  • When someone's acting makes a big impression on me, I usually end up watching this person's entire filmography. The same goes for the directors.

  • I might score a movie or a drama a 10 even if they were not perfect but still managed to speak to me in one way or another.

  • One of my resolutions is to watch more Chinese and Taiwanese productions.

  • Even though my PTW list is already quite long, I'm always open to new recommendations and I love reading reviews.


I keep my eye on:

Directors: Wong Kar Wai, Park Chan Wook, Nakashima Tetsuya, Lee Chung Hyun

Screenwriters: Nogi Akiko, Lee Soo Yeon, Kudo Kankuro,  Horai Ryuta, Kaneshiro Kazuki

Actors: Yamada Takayuki, Yagira Yuya, Sometani Shota, Odagiri Joe, Yagira Yuya

Actresses: Nikaido Fumi, Aoi Yu, Bae Doo Na, Jeon Jong Seo, Han So Hee, Im Ji Yeon


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