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Helena, Montana


Helena, Montana

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I  am  18 years old  and  started  watching  dramas  on  October 20, 2017.  My  hobbies  include graphic design,  illustration, creative writing, reading etc, music and watching dramas. I  have  school,  so  it  will take  me  a  little  more  time  to  review/comment  on,  posts  I  apologize  to  all  of  you  for  any  inconveniences. 

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon  has  a  special  place  in  my  heart  as  it  was  my  first  drama  and  I  can't  seem to  forget  how  genuinely  sweet  it  was.  It  also  introduced  me  to  some  amazing  actors  especially Park Bo Young.  I  know  is  a  few  words  in  Korean  and  Spanish,  but  not  much.  I  consider  myself  an  active  drama watcher  from  the  great  surprise  and  special  feeling  that  kdramas  give  off.   I  do  listen  to  kpop  as  you could  tell  from  my  icon. 아이유  is  one  of  my  favorites  artists.  Her  style  is  beautiful  and  is  just  my  kind of  taste  when  it comes  to  kpop.  I'm  friendly  so don't  feel  afraid  to  message  me -- if  ya  like.  Friend Requests  are  welcome!  If  I  am  the  one  sending  you  a  friend  request  it  means  we  have  something  in common  or  I  like  reading  your  post  on  your  feeds  section  on  here. 


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I have a tendency to skip due to anxiety, so most of the dramas that I watch will have this happen in them. Do not mean to, but it happens time to time. (this is just how it goes for me) 


Rating System 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

2-3.5: Poor introduction, overall a complete mess

4-5.5: Things I would change, don't really like 

6-7.5: Like it and is pleasing to watch 

8-9.5: Really good, would totally watch again

10: Love it and has captured me emotionally


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