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Panagiotis Giann

Panagiotis Giann

Hi guys!!!

I've been on My Drama List for a while now, but I had no idea what to put in my bio.

I love Yoona (not that you couldn't already tell)

and Bambam

And that's pretty much it...

So I asked my friends to send me their favorite gifs to put in my bio.

And I have to say they came up with some great ones.

Like the "I'm going to stab you and your entire family" gif

We love DO!!!!!

or whatever this thing is

   We all have that one friend who just...  

 or the "What are you doing stalking my MDL page?" gif

And some others too (I have more than three friends, I swear!).

Anyways that's it from me. 

Hope you enjoy your shows!!!!

Panagiotis out...


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