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Hello and welcome on my profile!

Hm.. ok so where do we start? I'm Aikoni but friends and people simply call me Aiko, although my name can sound a bit feminine I'm actually a guy, so yeah lol. I started watching dramas in March 2018 and I'm open for every genre, from romance to thriller etc.

If you ask me Yes! I'm into kpop aswell, as propably many people on this site! Right now I'm really into this "Stan Loona" thing :3! Although I mainly stan girl groups, I'm open for everything!

If you're bored or just simply want to talk feel free to msg me! Although I may look a bit cold from the outside I'm actually pretty warm and open person!

Phew, so that took me around 5-6 months to write yeah..

Take care and see you around chingu!


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