Kill Me, Heal Me



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Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 1

8.6/10 from 116 users
Jan 07, 2015
Do Hyun is the chaebol of Seungjin Group who was struck by a tragedy in the past. Now, Do Hyun lives in the US and is receiving treatment for his multiple personality disorder. Se… read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 2

8.7/10 from 98 users
Jan 08, 2015
Se Gi wins the fight and follows Ri Jin to the hospital, and asks her to dress up to go out with him. When Ri Jin is gone, Se Gi strangled Dr. Seok and asks him to give up on treatment,… read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 3

8.8/10 from 81 users
Jan 14, 2015
Do Hyun tries to change Se Gi, but instead changes to Perry Park, the middle-aged bomb maker alter ego. Perry Park goes to save Ri Jin after being offended that they are using a woman… read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 4

8.8/10 from 85 users
Jan 15, 2015
Ki Joon finds out that Do Hyun was involved in a scandal at a hospital with a psychiatrist called Ri Jin. Do Hyun started experiencing co-consciousness and seeing Se Gi in real life.… read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 5

8.8/10 from 76 users
Jan 21, 2015
Dr. Seok tells Chief Ahn that Se Gi may have kidnapped Ri Jin. Meanwhile, Se Gi takes Ri Jin to a hotel and asks her to choose between him and Do Hyun. He then gives her presents and… read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 6

8.6/10 from 72 users
Jan 22, 2015
Ri Jin hits Do Hyun while he was about to kiss her, and falls on top of him. Ri Jin family starts thinking that Ri Jin likes Do Hyun. Do Hyun wakes up the next day, and finds his house… read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 7

8.9/10 from 74 users
Jan 28, 2015
Chairwoman Seo tells secretary Ahn that she knows Do Hyeon has a problem, but she doesn't want to know what it is but wants him to protect Do Hyeon until his father wakes up. Ri Jin… read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 8

8.9/10 from 79 users
Jan 29, 2015
Do Hyeon tell Ri Jin that she will live with him and keep watch of him 24/7. Gi Jun goes to Dr. Seok and tries to find out what is wrong with Do Hyeon, but Dr. Seok refuses to tell… read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 9

8.9/10 from 74 users
Feb 04, 2015
After the kiss, Ri Jin is shy and tries to escape but Do Hyeon catches her. Do Hyeon is opening himself up to love for the first time since discovering his illness, and the only obstacle… read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 10

8.9/10 from 69 users
Feb 05, 2015
Se Gi is angry to find Ri Jin sleeping next to him and asks her why she is her. She tells him about becoming Do Hyeon’s secret doctor, and he jumps to the conclusion that her job… read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 11

8.7/10 from 62 users
Feb 11, 2015
Do Hyeon takes his father away and Chairwoman Seo starts searching for her son. Ri Jin tells Ri On that she is leaving and going back with Se Gi with or without her family’s approval.… read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 12

8.6/10 from 64 users
Feb 12, 2015
Do Hyeon is shocked to wake up next to his father and is suddenly taken by chairwoman Seo's man. Do Hyeon apologizes to his grandmother and ask her if there was another child in Seungjin… read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 13

8.5/10 from 69 users
Feb 18, 2015
Ri Jin faints in the basement and she starts having a nightmare. Later, Do Hyeon tells Ri Jin that his plan is to look for the missing child. RI Jin and Do Hyeon decide to go on a… read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 14

8.9/10 from 70 users
Feb 19, 2015
Ri On tells Do Hyeon he was investigating what happened with Do Hyeon’s father, Seo Yeon, and Do Hyeon’s biological mother. Later, Do Hyeon stays the night in Ri Jin’s house.… read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 15

8.6/10 from 59 users
Feb 25, 2015
Do Hyeon’s mother orders her men to retreat fearing being exposed. Chief Ahn starts investigating about the owner of the villa Ri Jin was locked at. Ri Jin now is certain that she… read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 16

9.0/10 from 67 users
Feb 26, 2015
Do Hyeon’s mother strikes a deal with his uncle; Do Hyeon takes the group’s department store and car subsidiaries and she will tell Yeong Pyo a secret. Do Hyeon tells Ri On about… read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 17

8.8/10 from 60 users
Mar 04, 2015
Do Hyeon found out that Ri Jin’s name was actually Do Hyeon, and that he was given her place on the family register. In the past, Seo Yeon and Ri Jin were living in the US, and former… read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 18

8.8/10 from 58 users
Mar 05, 2015
Se Gi picks up Ri Jin, and tells her about how Do Hyeon lost his memory and how he thought his name was actually Do Hyeon. Turns out, Do Hyeon’s father went back to look for Ri Jin,… read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 19

8.5/10 from 61 users
Mar 11, 2015
Do Hyeon go to Alex and tells him he still thinks he is his friend and it is his fault that Alex became that way. Do Hyeon tells Chief Ahn to settle Alex’s gambling debts and arrange… read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 20

8.5/10 from 58 users
Mar 12, 2015
Ri Jin shows Dr. Seok CCTV footage of the new alter, “Mr. X, he then says that Mr. X could either be a helper personality who will facilitate the treatment, or the opposite. Yo Na… read more